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Application Related Fees for U.S. Citizen to file Form I-130 for His Wife Outside U.S.

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For a U.S. citizen to file Form I-130 for his wife outside U.S., what kind of fees can be expected?


Fees are charged for the following services, such as Department of State government services, fees for Visa Services, and fees for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS):

  • Filing an immigrant Petition for Alien Relative, Form I-130 (this fee is charged by USCIS);

  • Processing an immigrant visa application, Form DS-230 or DS-260;

  • Reviewing an Affidavit of Support, Form I-864, I-864EZ, or I-864W (for petitions filed in the United States);

  • Medical examination and required vaccinations (costs vary).

Other costs may include: translations; photocopying charges; fees for obtaining the documents you need for the immigrant visa application (such as passport, police certificates, birth certificates, etc.); and travel expenses to go to the embassy or consulate for the interview. Costs vary from country to country and case to case. 





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