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What Is the Affidavit Income Requirement for a Co-Sponsor? 

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I am a U.S. citizen. I recently married a foreign student with F-1 visa as my wife. Since my current income is not high, I need to find a co-sponsor for my wife's Green Card application. What is the affidavit income requirement for a co-sponsor? 


A co-sponsor must submit with affidavit the following documents:

1) federal tax returns for most recent three years; 

2) evidence of current employment; 

3) evidence that sponsorís income is sufficient to meet the income requirement.

Basically, the co-sponsor must have an income 125% above the federal poverty lines. Unlike sponsor, a co-sponsor is not allowed to combine his or her assets to meet the 125% guideline. As a co-sponsor, you need submit an affidavit of support. 





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