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How Could I Come to the U.S. in a Short Time after the Marriage with U.S. Citizen?

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After I married with a U.S. citizen, how could I come to the U.S. in a short time?


You can apply for K-3 visa to come to US. The K-3 Visa is for Spouse of a United States Citizen. The purpose of the K-3 visa is to promote family reunion and serves as a temporary remedy for the long delayed family based immigration petition process. It allows the alien spouse to stay in the U.S. while waiting for the result of the pending immigration petition. The alien spouse may obtain work authorization during the waiting period.

K-3 visa offers an opportunity for a spouse of a United States citizen to travel to the United States, so that the family can be together in the United States during the commonly lengthy wait for the USCIS to process the "immediate relative" immigrant visa petition.

Once issued, the spouse would be able to travel to the United States to be with the United States citizen petitioner, while awaiting approval of the immigrant visa petition through which the non-citizen spouse will apply for permanent residency.




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