What Is the Advantage If I Apply for EAD While My I-485 Is Pending

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My parents filed I-130 form for my immigration, and I have filed my I-485 application. My H-1B status is near to reach the end of three years, and my I-485 application is pending for about 3 months. What is the advantage if I apply for EAD (Work Permit) at this time, instead of apply for another 3 years of my H-1B status? 


If you apply for EAD at this time instead of renew your H-1B for another 3 years, you can use your EAD to work by not using you H-1B time, to avoid possibly reaching the 6 year limit for H-1B. But if your I-485 application is rejected by USCIS, you may need to apply for H-1B again to keep your status and to continue to work in U.S. 






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