How Could My Wife Take the Medical Exam for I-485 Petition?

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My I-130 petition for my wife was approved last week by USCIS, by using your Complete Do-It-Yourself Package, Thank you very much for your help from my whole family! Now, I am preparing for I-485 petition for my wife, I want to know how could she take the medical exam for I-485 petition?


The medical exams for your wife should be submitted to USCIS Service Center together with the Form I-485 Adjustment application. The medical exam must be done no more than one year prior to filing for Form I-485 Adjustment of Status. You can ask your local USCIS office to provide you with a list of doctors who are authorized to do the medical exams for USCIS in your location. After the medical exam, the doctor will return the filled form to your wife in a sealed envelope, and she should not open it. 


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