Can My Boyfriend Uses B1 Visa
Entering the U.S. and then Get Married here?

Help Desk:

I am a new U.S. citizen. I want to marry my boyfriend who is a Russia. I want him to come to the U.S. as soon as possible. My question is can my boyfriend adjust stats in the U.S. if he uses B1 visa entering the U.S. and then get married here?


Aliens who enter the United States under B-1 business visa or B-2 pleasure visiting visa must have the right intention at the time of obtaining the visa and at the time of entering the U.S. If your boyfriend is using the B visa to enter United States in order that he can marry you and adjust status in the U.S., this might be seen as some form of visa fraud by USCIS examiners.

A better alternative is the K-1 fiancee visa if you both intend to marry and have him adjust status in the States. Typically your boyfriend should be able to come over within six months from the date of your application at the USCIS service center having jurisdiction over your place of residence. You must have the intention to marry within 90 days of his arrival in the U.S., have a real relationship with him at this time, and have seen him within the past two years. 


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