Change Address in Case Where the
Person Has yet to Receive a Receipt Number 

Help Desk:

The instructions on the USCIS website for change of address in case where the person has yet to receive a receipt number are very confusing - the website says to look on the back of the cashed check for the receipt number, but the receipt delays for a long time and my bank does not send the check back to me after the check digitization. Are there any other suggestions you can provide for people like me who do not have receipt number? 


USCIS is working to update the information currently on the website concerning receipt delays. If you have a pending application but has not yet received a receipt notice, you should call the USCIS National Customer Service number at 1-800-375-5283 to request a change of address. 

When you call the USCIS National Customer Service number, you should specifically state that you have a pending application, have not yet received a receipt notice but would like to change your address. You should also be prepared to tell the customer service representative when your mailed in your application. 

The customer service representative will then issue a service request which will be routed to a USCIS Service Center having jurisdiction over your application. You will receive a letter acknowledging the completion of the change of address request once your application is receipted and the change of address has been updated. You are also required to complete a Form AR-11, notifying DHS that your address has changed. An AR-11 can be completed on-line without a receipt number.



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