Legal U.S. Permanent Resident Files
Green Card Application Form I-130 for His Wife

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I am legal U.S. permanent resident, I have 2 questions: 

1) Can a legal permanent residence send I-130 form and I-485 form to USCIS at the same time?

2) Currently my wife has a B-2 visa for 6 months, we live together in Florida, if I send the I-130 form and then in October (before the visa ends) and then my wife come back to her country, do I have to inform to USCIS about the change of her address?, if the answer is yes, what form I have to use?


1) No, you can not. You should send Form I-130 first. After it's approval and the priority date is current which means there is an immigration visa available for you, then you can file Form I-485. 

For Second Preference of the Spouses, the current priority date for immigration visa number is June 1, 2002. The Visa Bulletin is generally published around the middle of the preceding month. The Visa Bulletin reflects available visa numbers for cases with priority dates before the listed dates. 

2) In this case, you filed the I-130 application for your wife, and you will not change your address (your wife will change, but not you), so you do not have to inform to USCIS about the change of her address. But if you change your address later, you need to report to USCIS using form AR-11 - Change of Address.


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