What Forms are Required once We Married,
for Application of Green Card through Marriage with US Citizen

Help Desk:

For application of Green Card through marriage with US citizen, what forms do we submit once we are married in the US, and assuming we haven't broken any rules? After our marriage, what is the difference of Green Card application and the Adjust Status to Permanent Resident?

Answer: The application for a Green Card through marriage within the United States basically consists of proving that the marriage is real, and demonstrating that the spouse is qualified for a Green Card. In order to demonstrate that the marriage is real, the petitioner should file a visa petition, I-130, for the foreign born spouse. 

In order to prove that the foreign born spouse is eligible for a Green Card, he or she should submit a packet of forms in which the principle form is the application to Adjust Status to Permanent Resident (form I-485).  In addition, you must submit a myriad of other forms, including: Biographic Information Forms, Affidavit of Support, Application for Employment Authorization and possibly an Application for Travel Document.





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