How Could I Know If the USCIS Has
Notified the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou?

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I received my green card approval, and then filed form I-824 Application for Action on an Approved Application or Petition to let the U.S. consulate in Guangzhou, China to know my U.S. Permanent Resident status, so my wife in Changdu can file immigration application in China. How could I know if the USCIS has notified the U.S. consulate in Guangzhou?

Answer: After you received your green card approval and filed form I-824, you should receive a notice from USCIS stating that they had notified your permanent residence status to U.S. consulate in Guangzhou, in form I-181 Memorandum of Creation of Record of Lawful Permanent Residence.

If you put Chengdu in an empty space for the applicant to put in the consulate or embassy to which he or she wishes the I-824 approval to be sent. When it reaches Chengdu, the consular section will probably reroute the approval to Guangzhou, since Chengdu has no jurisdiction over a green card application. This mistake, however, may take some time to resolve.

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